Similarities And Differences Between Lucie And Madame Defarge

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True personality

Similarities and differences emerge between many characters in Charles Dickens’s book, A Tale of Two Cities, but the most outstanding examples of the comparison and contrast between two characters is represented by Lucie Manette and Madame Defarge. In the book, Lucie’s father Alexander Manette gets released from a French prison after being imprisoned 18 years, only meeting his daughter after his imprisonment. When he gets out of prison, her father goes and lives at the Defarge’s wine shop until Lucie goes and retrieves her desolate minded father. Madame Defarge is the wife of Ernest Defarge, the man who takes care of Alexander Manette at his wine shop. The Defarges are revolutionaries who are seeking to destroy the monarchy in France. Lucie and Madame Defarge differ in their character traits, but are similar in their devotion to their goals.

Lucie is a very loving, caring and gentle person. In the year 1775, Jarvis Lorry, an English businessman and an old acquaintance of Alexander Manette, informs Lucie Manette that her father is still alive and was released from prison. She is absolutely shocked when she hears the news because she thought her father was dead her whole life.They then go to France together to go bring back her father. When they enter the room her father is in, Dickens makes it evident how loving, caring, and gentle Lucie is, by saying, "With the tears streaming down her face , she put her two hands to her lips, and kissed them to him; then
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