Similarities And Differences Between Mandisa And Thando

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Nothing but the truth is a play that ospreys characters emotions and feelings about each other, the struggle and family secrets.In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting between Mandisa and Thando.

Thando Makhaya is an interpreter at the Amnesty hearing and truth and reconciliation and an educator.she is commuted to her job at home by consistently asking her father questions about uncle Themba,luvuyo and her mother.she takes her job seriously because she never gives up, until she gets the answers.The amnesty hearing truth and reconciliation is to save people from harsh imprisonment which is a way of forgiving,she believes in second chances. Thando wanted her brother 's killers to confess the the truth but then again closure satisfies her. Thando wanted her mother and uncle to be forgiven for having an affair behind Siphon’s back.”so you forgive him?”

Thando has got enough knowledge about the court cases and political history. Thando is organized “we still have time” Thando has sense of humor, she has concern to everything around here.she believes the truth shall set each individual free.”what happened to the car-the wire bus?”.she wants to gain knowledge in order for her to to tell Mandisa about the relationship between her father and Sipho. Thando is a story teller,she gives details and facts about what she knows. Sipho is an older version of Thando they are both caring because Sipho boils water for Thando. Thando was groomed well and she embedded that within

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