Similarities And Differences Between Oedipus Rex And Hamlet

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Studying plays as Oedipus Rex and Hamlet is a vital part of studying literature since they are timeless works that teach many lessons. Moreover, they still have some concepts to be unmasked by critics of literature. According to Aristotle tragedy is ''a form of drama based on human misery that arouses in its audience feelings of pity and fear'' and each tragedy must have a tragic hero. Tragedy began in the ancient Greek theatre where tragedies were performed in late March to early April at an annual religious festival in honour of Dionysus.() One of the most famous tragedies in that period is Oedipus Rex which was written by Sophocles. Oedipus Rex represents some themes for instance death, revenge and fate. Similarly, the Elizabethan theatre had many tragedies, such…show more content…
Hamlet represents the theme of revenge because it was common in the Elizabethan era. Despite the fact that these two plays were written in two different periods of time, they share some concepts such as themes, language style, tragic flaw and setting .Thus the questions that needs to be answered are: what are the similarities and differences between these two plays? How are they different? And why they are different? Hamlet and Oedipus Rex are both sharing some common themes. '' self- destruction'' is one example of them. Oedipus's personality leads him to his self-destruction because he is '' a man of quick action and hasty conclusions who doesn't even attempt to foresee the consequences of his actions.'' () Similarly, Hamlet selfishness leads him to his own destiny. He didn’t think how his actions would affect others. For example, when he intensely began looking to find the
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