Similarities And Differences Between Red Riding Hood And Little Red Riding Hood

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The two stories 'Little Red Riding Hood ' and 'Little Red Cap ' have many significant similarities and differences alike. The most notable similarity is the moral ending that characterizes both stories with each having a slight twist. The two tales stories are of a girl who loses her innocence as she moves through the segments of life; childhood through adulthood. While the same has many notable similarities in terms of theme and style, it is easy to point out the difference in the way women are treated in the two stories. In the French version of the tale, the little girl was eaten but not rescued while in German version talks of her rescue, which accentuates the cultural differences in the two stories (Grimm et al. 31). Both versions of the fairy tale have different endings which translate into different themes. In the Little Cap Riding Hood, the little girl goes through the woods to her sick grandmother 's house to tend to her (Perrault 210). On her way, she meets a big bad wolf who tricks her to spend some time picking flowers while the wolf ran to the little girl 's grandmother 's house where the wolf ate her. After eating her, the wolf carefully puts on the clothes belonging to the little girl and tucks in carefully in bed waiting for the little girl. On the little girl 's arrival, the wolf ate her too and fell asleep (Perrault 210). Until this point, the two stories are similar and advance more of the same theme. The following paper thus seeks to analyze the
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