Similarities And Differences Between The Brothers Kamazov And Odyssey

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Jairus Rammir A. Octubre
Ms. Sarah Luma-Tajonera
English 12: World Literature
11 Dec. 2014

Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov and Homer’s Odyssey – Each of these classic pieces of literature is different in their own way but tied by one common theme, religion.
Religion is one of the most universal topics in the world. Wherever there exists a form of society, there is a certainty that this society has some form of religious beliefs. It helps in the development of the society itself and the people in it. As in the case of the three novels, it helps advance the plot in order to make a meaningful story.
Although the three novels talk about the concept of God and religion, it presented different beliefs through the novels’ characters, society and even religion itself.
In Things Fall Apart, the Igbo people are presented as polytheistic with Chukwu as the supreme god who had assigned several smaller gods who would help him carry out his duties. Some of their gods include: Agbala who has the ability to tell the future and Ani, the goddess of earth and harvest whom people give sacrifices to in order to give prosperity to their land. The Igbo people likewise keep wooden images of their divine beings which they worship and frequently offer tributes to. Unlike the "one true God" whom the missionaries have acquainted with the tribe as adoring, the gods of Umuofia demand respect and admiration through fear. As seen when Mr. Brown tried to persuade Akunna to

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