Compare And Contrast The American And French Revolution

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The Revolutionary War The American and French Revolutionary Wars impacted our society in many ways. They both have similarities and differences. In this paper comparisons and differences will be explained. Some famous documents that will be compared and differed is the American Constitution, Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of the Rights of Man. The American Revolution started because of the tension with the british government and the American colonies. The Americans were under the rules of Britain. The Americans were furious by how they were being treated and controlled by the British. The English were putting high taxes on the Americans and they got mad because they had no say in the matter. Then they had no representation of saying whatever they wanted and they couldn’t speak their mind because they weren’t allowed, however they could start a rebellion to speak to the British and make their voices be heard. Then the Stamp Act was passed on March 22, 1765. The Stamp Act was a time when the british crown raised taxes and made the price of living go up. Which was a burden on the Americans. In March 1774 60 men had boarded a ship and dumped tea into the Boston Harbor, then the Americans started to boycott the…show more content…
The Americans wanted freedom, the french wanted to eliminate the monarchy. They both wanted to technically revolt against the government. The Americans and the French joined together to fight against the British. Then the French was in debt with the Americans because of the Seven Year War. Both revolutions spurred a strong response from the other nation. Overall, the French Revolution offered the world something totally novel: an ideology that allowed and encouraged the questioning of historic power structures. North Americans showed special interest in the French Revolution, believing the events of 1789 drew heavily on their own experience with
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