Similarities And Differences Between The Giver And Hunger Games

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What differences and similarities occur between a story of a society that extremely same and everything is controlled by government, and a society that inequality, differences rise and government only controls the outcome? The Giver and Hunger Games are popular novels that are first book of their series. While Hunger Games is a novel based on a society that problems occur from inequality and differences, focuses on the survival and which the main character Katniss stands out as a leader, and The Giver by Lois Lowry is a novel based on a society that problems occur from being too perfect and same, focuses on the importance of memory and past and which the main character Jonas stands out as a rebel for himself and very few people; both texts share similarities such as being dystopian novels which symbols used and one teenager stands out from a society and rebels. On the one hand, Hunger Games and The Giver contrast in many ways. Comparing the societies of these novels based on; while Hunger Games has a story of a society which has inequalities and differences, The Giver has a society that is too perfect, emotionless and same. In Hunger Games what creates the rebellion is inequality and extreme differences between poor and rich people. Country called Panem is divided in Capitol and districts from 1 to 12. The wealthiest is the Capitol and from District 1 to District 12, the level of poverty and hunger increases. Withal, Hunger Games are mortal games which are designed to
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