Similarities And Differences Between The Great Gatsby And Midnight In Paris

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The films “The Great Gatsby” as well as “Midnight in Paris” were directed to portray the vibe the directors wanted to carry all throughout the films with characters and music, taking inspiration from the novel “The great Gatsby”. The “midnight in Paris” took inspiration from the great Gatsby to help bring the film alive as well as the characters, which were involved, in it. Both films as well as the novel portrayed a loving couple that did anything to be together but at the end of the day, not all the trouble the characters went through to be together was enough. One of the major conflicts that the films seemed to have were that the main characters always living in the past instead of living in the present, which was their mistake. Living in the past was a huge mistake that the character has seemed in encounter, in their head they always thought of what it could have been and what it would have been, which brought many problems on the way. Gatsby as well as Daisy, focused on the idea of their “true” love that the characters decided to push everything to a side creating bigger conflicts.

Woody Allen’s film “Midnight in Paris” had many similarities to the novel “The Great Gatsby” when it came to the music and character. The characters that stood out the most in the film were Gil and Adriana, which in many ways resembled two characters from the novel. Gil in the film was engaged to his fiancé Inez but things did not seem to turn out as planned. As time passed in pairs, Gil
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