The Mission And Things Fall Apart: A Comparative Analysis

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There is a lot to be accounted for when comparing the movie The Mission and the critically acclaimed novel Things Fall Apart. It is easy to say that these pieces have nothing in common with one another, however, they are more similar than one may think. The comparisons of these two different works, written and which use two different mediums, in different times, in different parts of the world share the unique thought that literature and fictional accounts alter one’s insight and how one views society within the world. Throughout this paper the Characters of Okonkwo from Things Fall apart, and Rodrigo Mendoza from The Mission will be compared through the various obstacles they must overcome. The textual evidence will show the reader how fictional mediums, such as literature and cinema, apply to one’s understanding of real-life circumstances. In the famous novel, Things Fall Apart, there are many characters worth analyzing. However, the one that showed the most promise is that of Okonkwo. He is considered the leader of the Igbo community and rises to his station through his fear of one day of becoming like his father. His…show more content…
This is important to note Mendoza’s place in all of this due to the face he is a white man. He has to deal with the fact that most European’s, much like himself, have been participating in these awful events for forever. In history this is seen throughout most of early colonizing, which often included missionary work. These entitled men who seek their own glory are quoted throughout the text as saying that, “one should obey the will of God.” This is irony in its finest form, for they are taking truths from the word of God and fitting them to match their agenda’s. This still happens in most of the world today, which I find to be
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