Similarities And Differences Between The Notebook Book And Movie

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The Notebook

The well known romantic story, “The Notebook,” written by the novelist, Nicholas Sparks, portrays two people falling in love during the 1940s. The book was written in 1996 and the movie was released in 2004. Nicholas Sparks was inspired by a real life couple and that is why the movie is so realistic. The main characters Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton are played by popular young actors, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Though the book and movie are based on the same love story, they have many differences, some minor and some major. The movie is much more detailed, while the book is very simple, but both options are a great choice to experience for any reader who enjoys romantic stories. The novel, “The Notebook,”
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When Noah and Allie first fell in love, they talked about their dream house and Noah promised to buy it and remodel it just as Allie wished. In the book, Noah inherited a large amount of money from an old boss who he formed a relationship with. With that money, he bought and fixed the house just as the lovers talked about several years earlier. In the movie, Noah’s father sells his own house in order to give Noah the money he needs to buy and fix the dream house. Another significant difference between the book and the movie, is the suspenseful kiss that brought Allie and Noah back in love. After Allie returns to Seabrook to see the house that Noah built, they talk and talk on a canoe in a local river. The river sailing trip turns into a fight in the pouring rain that ends in the famous kiss that the watchers will never forget. That major event does not occur in the book, but only the movie making it a huge surprise addition to those who read the book before seeing the movie. The most memorable difference in the book and the movie is the way they both end. In the book, the pair simply have a conversation addressing their love for one another for a few moments in their nursing home. They are both old and have health complications, but their deaths are not spoken of. In the movie, they two lovers lay in a hospital bed speaking of their life full of love with one another and as they close their eyes to sleep, they both die holding each other’s hands. The endings of stories are what tie a book together, making the difference extremely
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