Compare/Contrast Essay: High School Life Or College Life?

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What would you rather choose? High school life or college life?
Before we head onto our career, we need to complete education and hold a degree. This means we need to pass through various phases like school, high school, then a University. All of us have a favorite phase that we went though. Some might cherish their high school days, some might cherish college days, while some cherish both. Both has their own advantages and disadvantages. Even though factors like friends, teachers and other events affect our choice, there are other factors which might come in the way. Both high school and college life has their own similarities and differences. Both are a part of our life and are necessary to gain success in our career. Following is a comparison and contrast between these two.
Both high school and college help us choose the path we want to go in the future. They help us realize our interests and potentials. Through the subjects and courses that we study fundamentally and in depth, they are a way to prepare us for our future career. In high school, we might choose a subject which we think interests us. For instance, if I want to take Science as my major, I might choose one and study the same in my University or college. This will provide a sense of direction. However, college life helps to change the decision if we
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However, the burden is less in college. In college, assignments are both individual and group and can vary in terms of small tasks to larger projects. College helps to prepare for the work by helping the students realize the importance of working in a team. Students learn through feedbacks and the deadlines teach them to work in pressure. By contrast, high school life doesn’t teach about group work to that extent. Even though students learn through assignments, they are not given intensive ones. They are mostly given individual assignments which need to be completed at

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