Similarities And Differences In Ancient Athens And Sparta

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This essay will focus on the differences and their significance of political standing and govern in Ancient Athens and Sparta. It will bring up similarities and differences in social status and consequently in gaining and holding public and political status as well as depict the respective governing style of Athens and Sparta in comparison.
Thought both poleis were a great city, and albeit having many similarities there were as many differences within many places of their society, which would eventually add to their quarrel with each other.
In both city-states, the only way to any form of status within the society was through being native-born. Although Sparta gave more freedom to women, both cities exclusively handled their politics and military affairs solely relying on men, going as far as Athens completely rejecting women even in social settings. Thus amongst men, did power rely on, and even then it was a base of wealth, as the aristocracy in both states ruled over the lower classes. The difference was that in which age, and wealth group you were from. Athenian men could participate in politics from the age of 20 and since literally every one of those men had a vote in the Assembly they had some power, only if applying for a public office should one have “a required amount of wealth” and be over the age of 30 (Brand, n.d, p31, 2nd paragraph). Spartan upbringing was hugely reliant on being a soldier and had a much stricter rule that men over the age of 30 would be able

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