'Girl' By Jamaica Kinkaid Analysis

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Fiction There are some similarities and differences in "Boys" by Rick Moody, "Girl" by Jamaica Kinkaid and "Lust" by Susan Minot; thus, they will be discussed in terms of the narrator, point of view, and character development. "Boys" is about two brothers and their journey throughout life. During the story they face many conflicts; while "Girl" seems to be a series of instructions from a mother to her daughter. "Lust" is powerful and seductive by the way that the anonymous girl is talking about her life. The story "boys," seems to be just one whole paragraph or one sentence, repeated. Every sentence begins "Boys..." or "The boys..." or "One boy," which appears to be one of the characteristics of the style that he is using by telling us the story. It was written for the purpose. The way that the author structures the sentences throughout the story is what gives us a better understanding of what the author is really trying to express. The way the speaker is not using rubber, instead, uses the word "rubberized" in reference to the hot-dog makes one wonder if it is a toy hot-dog or a real one that has simply been sitting out for too long. The person who is telling us the story is most likely to be a…show more content…
The author is leaving a mystery by the subtle way of ending the story with a question mark. The main point of this passage is that the mother is giving her daughter advice at all time about everything. She tells the girl about life, men, cleaning, cooking, and keeping up her reputation with one admonishment after another. Even though the place is not mentioned, the rhythm of the words and the specifics of the girl 's life make us think that the story takes place in the West Indies. The mother worries that the current behavior of the girl will probably lead her to a life of promiscuity; even though the girl doesn’t seem to have reached
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