Into The Wild Movie Analysis

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Into The Wild -Similarity vs Difference-

In the 20th century, there are many movies that have originally come from a famous novel and a manga. Most have been a great success of making fans satisfied by having most of the details from the book portrayed in the movie with the perfect image for all of them. “Into the Wild” is also a film originated from a novel. There are many different opinions to this film. Some are supportive of the film but others are not. Due to the fact that the film is multi-opinionated, I believe that the creation of a film version of the story was not a perfect success. People who support the film say that there were more similarities than differences from the movie and the novel, such as the portraits of Chris’s family members and the organization of the contents itself, if it is easy to read or not. On the other hand, people who are not supportive claims that the theme itself that was expressed was different and the mood itself that the reader imagined was different from the movie and the novel. There were more differences comparing to
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Chris’s journey looked more like a trip for Chris to meet new people to interact with. I think this is important, because if the whole point of the story changes, many people will be interpreting the story in a wrong way. For example, if a person watches the film and sees Chris having fun meeting new people and is just simply enjoying his trip, people would think that McCandless’s death wasn't that of a big problem. More people will think positively, saying that it his death have been a good thing, since he was able to have fun with others anyway. However, like the book, if the author emphasizes that Chris went on a journey in a different purpose and was fighting against surrender everyday, people will feel more sympathetic. Depending on the image of both the film and the movie, the interpretation of the story will
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