Similarities And Differences Of Children During The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was difficult for all the Jews. In World War II the Nazis to over Germany and other areas. Six million Jews were killed and half was kids. You see not just Anne families but all the Jews were treated wrong. All the Jews was in danger, but not these two family. These three kids were all Jews. They were trying to hide in the annex. Even through, they are Jews and teenage, and spent almost three years together. Does not mean they are the same. They are all different in their ways.

There were many different things about the three teenage, but most of all was there personality. Anne is the talkative one. She is loud, obnoxious, and annoying. Margot is the quiet one. She is mature and obey adults. Peter is the innocent one. He is a little reluctant to grow up. You see their personality are totally different.
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Peter is the only child; he only has a cat to talk to. Anne wants to become a writer. Margot wants to become a nurse. Peters wants to become a pilot. Even though, they have a lot of differences. They are similar and many ways. They all share the same Jewish. Anne and Margot are sisters. They all the each other. Anne and Peter are similar in many ways; they both have cats. They both get so annoyed and embarrassed of their mothers. You see Anne and Peter are the most alike. I talked about how Anne, Margot frank and Peter Van Daan are similar. I also talked about how they are different. As you can see they are more different than similar. I think they found out they are similar in a lot of ways, that they did not ever

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