Similarities And Differences Of Jack The Ripper Vs. Zodiac Killer

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Jack The Ripper vs Zodiac Killer

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Jack the Ripper and Zodiac Killer have many similarities and differences.Both criminals but different people.They are both known to be terrible people that lived to be a serial killers and I 'm here to inform you about the two. In the late 1960s in California a man known by The Zodiac Killer had 7 confirmed murders by the police but claimed to have 37 victim. After his murders he would call the police and tell them that he was the one responsible.No one knows why he called himself The Zodiac Killer.He leaves a cross and circle after a murder as his sign and sent 4 cryptogram but only 1 was solved and stated how killing humans fun and that the best part is that everyone he kills will become his slave in the afterlife.He killed many couples using a knife and gun while wearing a costume covering his face and his cross and circle sign in the middle. David Faraday who was 17 years old and Betty Lou Jensen who was 16 years old. They were in a car when the zodiac killer shot David Faraday in the back of the head and Betty Lou Jensen shot five time to her back we know the Zodiac Killer did it because he called the police a month later to tell them information that the public does not know. Darlene Ferrin who was 18 years old and Mike Mageau who was 16 were also in a car and saw a car, a man walked out the car and shined a

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