Similarities And Differences Of Singapore And British Government

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Both the Singapore government and the British government use the Westminster system which is a democratic parliamentary system of government modelled after the politics of Britain. The Westminster system is considerably different from the presidential system used by countries such as the United States. Key features of the Westminster system includes a sovereign or head of state who, although holds numerous reserve powers, does not really have any real decision-making power and is more of a figurehead. The head of government is appointed by the head of state and is usually known as the prime minister (PM), premiere or first minister. In Singapore, the head of state is the President and he has the veto powers if he was elected. Compared to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, Singapore’s President has more say in decision making. The head of government in Singapore is the Prime Minister and he leads the Cabinet which is responsible for all governmental policies and for administering the affairs of state. The Singapore and British government are very similar but of course, there are some areas which which work differently. In this essay, we will addressing the similarities and differences between these two governments.

Firstly, there are some specific differences in the checks and balances system. The UK government is made up of executive branch, legislature and judiciary. All of the branches have their own powers to check the action of the other branches. Firstly, the Prime Minister

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