Similarities And Differences Of The Three Rondavels

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1. Introduction The three Rondavels in Mpumalanga and Three Sisters in the Karoo are geographical landforms that are similar but found in two different provinces. In this essay differences and similarities in appearance, structure, location, geology and climate of these landforms will be discussed. 2. The Three Rondavels description The Three Rondavels are located in Blyde River Canyon region. These Three Rondavels are round mountains with peaks that are formed in a shape of an African hut. They attained this shape as a result of erosion agents moving the soft underlying rocks and leaving the resistance, tough slate and quartzite visible. The three Rondavels is 25 kilometers in height (reference) 3. The Three Sisters description The Three sisters are located in the Victoria West in Northern Cape. The erosion agents washed away the upper soft rocks and soil leaving the hard rock called dolerite. This rock contains Calcium Magnesium Carbonate that make the rock resistant to erosion. The three sisters have 75 Kilometers in height (ref) 4. Similarities 4.1 Appearance The similarities between the two geographical landforms is that they both have round mountain tops with slightly pointed peaks. 4.2 Structure .Both of the landforms have three head-like structures that are made out of the sedimentary rock. They both contain the resistant rock that cannot be easily eroded. 4.3 Location They are both found in South Africa and are geotourism. These places are surrounded by lodging
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