Similarities And Similarities Between Harry Potter And Lord Of The Rings

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Probably, you have heard before the name, 'Harry Potter ' and 'The Lord of the Rings ' at least once. These two movies are considered as one of the most successful movies in the world. In this essay, the similarities between 'Harry Potter ' and 'The Lord Of The Rings ' will be discussed in the point of view such as the genre, the original work of movies, and the unique creatures that appear in both of those films. One of the major similarities is in their genre of movie. As you know, they are well-known as fantasy movies. Both movies have elements of magic and supernatural events as typical fantasy films have. In 'Harry Potter ', the main character Harry Potter and most of characters in movie are wizards. The characters mostly appear as wizards in this movie, go to 'Hogwarts ' which is a school of magic for students aged eleven to eighteen and usually take classes of transfiguration, history of magic and defence against the dark arts. Of course, they always use various types of spells throughout the whole series. Like 'Harry Potter ', 'The Lord of the Rings ' have a lot fictional elements, such as the One ring. The One ring is a magic ring that has a malevolent power created by Sauron the Dark Lord in order to dominate the Middle Earth and 'The Lord of the Rings ' shows an adventure to destroy the One ring to keep Sauron from fulfilling his dangerous plan. Another similarity between 'Harry Potter ' and 'The Lord of the Rings ' is that they are based on

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