Remember The Titans: Similarities Between Winston Churchill And Herman Boone

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Winston Churchill and Herman Boone are very similar in a few of their characteristics. As leaders, they are both very persuasive and charismatic. They are very visionary as commanders and very autocratic as well. In the movie Into The Storm, there is a clear sense of power and authority shown by Winston Churchill and it is understood that he would not easily turn from his believes although it might be a huge risk that he is taking. He showed that clearly regarding the battle that they were sending 350 thousand english troops with a chance of them not making it back, and similarly to when he refused the offer to carry talks with France and Mussolini and Hitler for peace. In the movie Remember The Titans, Herman Boone Showed similar risk taking and autocratic traits with his powerful talks and decision making in situations such as making the players spend time with the ones they do not usually associate with and trying to make the black and white skin people come together. That approach was clearly seen in Nelson Mandela’s actions in the movie Invictus. He refused to be biased towards the whites although he was aware of their doings agains the blacks and otherwise. He took a steady stand of giving them equal rights and opportunity and fought for it till the end.…show more content…
There are identifiable differences between Churchill and Mandela’s approaches towards their leadership and management. Churchill being extremely authoritative and at times coming off as inconsiderate and selfish and even disrespectful and rude, on the other hand, having Mandela as an extremely polite and liberal person, ready to listen to everyone and carry out a conversation and maintaining a good communication with the people surrounding them. This same difference is observable between Herman Boone and Bill Yoast too as having an authoritative and a communicative and open minded leader
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