Similarities Between 12 Angry Men And The Crucible

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The Crucible and 12 Angry Men are two plays with the same theme of justice that is expressed differently throughout each play. From their differing time periods and setting, both plays explore the justice system within society and the role people play within the system. Both 12 Angry Men and The Crucible have similarities, both plays have main characters that are attempting to right wrongs that they see being committed in their respected plays. Once the authors introduced the characters to us they then showed us how they implement the justice system in their plays and the effect it had on the plays societies. The outcome of these stories are different and they express varying effects the justice system can have on society. In 12 Angry Men, we see that the justice system prevails while in The Crucible the justices system fails. In Rose’s 12 Angry Men and Miller’s The Crucible the moral of these plays is justice, within each play, justice is depicted in a different way. Rose and Miller both reveal in their plays what the justice system means to them and the role it plays in society, through the use of their characters and the different endings in their plays.
Miller and Rose both communicate through their plays, The Crucible and 12 Angry Men their views on justice and how it affects our society. Within each play, we can see the justice system and how the characters in the plays all play a role in how the justice system works and whether it will be effective in society or not.
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