Similarities Between 2081 And Today's Society

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In the movie 2081 the government made everyone be equal. If someone was too strong to be considered equal than the government would make them wear weights. Two of the main characters, George and Harrison, had to wear weights. Harrison had to wear weights and an earpiece. If you compared Harrison to George, Harrison would have over triple the amount. As a matter a fact the news reporter stated that Harrison was considered an athlete and extremely dangerous. If someone was too smart they have to wear earpieces that mess with people 's minds. When George would remember something that happened in the past, he would hear a loud piercing ring in his ears. This would cause George to forget whatever he was thinking. The day that Harrison got taken away George was at the house so he would absolutely remember the day but the HG did not like…show more content…
In conclusion the movie 2081 and today there are some similarities but there is more differences. 2081 is a dystopia and most likely will never happen. The movie 2081 is all about being equal and having equality and in today 's society some people are still striving for equality but I think that being different is better. If everyone was equal then the world would be boring. I mean imagine a world where everyone liked the same thing and the same thing was on TV everyday and if someone was different they would be shamed. It would be the most boring thing ever. People are created to be different. If no one is different than the world wouldn 't function. If everyone is the same then people would all have the same clothes because they would have the same taste and personality. Harrison Bergeron has a right to stand up for what he believed in and I would have stood with him on that stage, even if that meant getting shoot. At least it would have affected people and hopefully changed their mindset about equality. Don 't get me wrong, be the same as someone is cool up to an extent. But we are created to be different so that 's how it
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