Similarities Between A High School Teacher And A College Professor

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The Difference between a High school teacher & a College Professor
From Kindergarten to college, education is important because it helps citizens develop learning skills. For example, Reading is important because it can help individuals learn how to communicate effectively. Not all education is the same because of the different teaching styles. College Professors and high school teachers are different because they have divergent teaching styles, testing strategies and the environment change of the classroom There are various differences and similarities between a high school teacher and a college professor. One main difference you noticed between these two is that college is a lot different than High school and the style of teaching has changed over time. In my experience as a student, I noticed a few similarities and differences between a high school teacher and a college professor. One similarity I learned about my school teacher and college professor was that both of them had open availability. For example, If I was not understanding how to do a certain assignment, both instructors would take the time out of their day and would try to explain the instructions more vividly. This would result in me having a better understanding of the topic. Both Instructors were also very caring about questions I had and would answer them with no hesitation. This made me feel comfortable as a student being in their class because I knew I could talk to them about any problems I was
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