Similarities Between A Raisin In The Sun And The Great Gatsby

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Wealth is an important aspect of life, well for most people, it can be interpreted into power, fame, and most importantly materialistic satisfaction. So, what is wealth in general? Wealth measures the estimation of the value of assets of worth claimed by a man, group, organization or nation. Wealth is dictated by taking the total market estimation of all physical and immaterial assets claimed, then subtracting all debts. A recent study by University professor had shown that the people who owns more money than others, will have a different viewpoint in society. In both text A Raisin in the Sun and The Great Gatsby through the imbalanced amount of wealth the characters have in the novel, it results in significant difference in character development…show more content…
Although, wealth has a major effect on the personality, however, the wealth also changes the role of a person. In A Raisin in the Sun, through all the poor economic struggles Ruth encounters, it made her get into the role of a mother. An example of that is “Well, I ain’t got no fifty cents this morning…I don’t care what teacher say. I ain’t got it. Eat your breakfast, Travis.” (Hansberry ??) This quote demonstrates that the Younger family is so destitution stricken that Ruth must deny her son money that is required for the class. Ruth made a righteous decision that Travis does not necessarily require that money, and the can be for proficient use. This demonstrate
In The Great Gatsby, Daisy role is metaphorically as a flower pot. In Gatsby’s words, Daisy has the quality of appeal, riches, advancement, effortlessness, and nobility that ached any men to fall in love with her. For the reason of the character she portrays is a young, and aimless girl. Throughout the whole novel, Daisy does not play much of a stereotypical role as a mother, and a wife. This means that cooking, bathing, and cleaning for her child. All of the chores has been done by their
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