Similarities Between A Rose For Emily And The Story Of An Hour

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This essay endeavors to analyse the situation of two different women. “The Story of an Hour” and “A Rose for Emily.” The first story by Kale Chopin’s in the 19th Century penned by Mrs. Mallard who confirm her about her husband death which made her heart broken. But at the same time she thought she could be free and enjoy her life because in the old time Women was under the mercy of her husband and must obey him which affect their life. “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulker with the breaking news of her father death feeling depressed and unable to do anything. Women have no rights and were under the mercy of her family. Both women look alike but with different situation. They wanted to have the word women to spread out and being heard that women are capable of doing everything a man can do. Two stories make the reader see that they wanted someone to feel them or probably to survive from what they were living with. “The Story of an Hour “ when Mrs.Malled confirm her about the death she goes to her room quite with no one follow her sitting on a armchair in front of an open window thinking that is it true or fiction what happened in order to get out from the shock. She stayed on the chair sad but at the same time happy because she was not allow to go out or work her husband would lock her home and not being able to live her daily live as normal people for the second story “A Rose for Emily” before the death of her father. Her father deprived her of doing everything as
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