Similarities Between Abigail Williams And Juror 3

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Through out the two films, Juror 3 and Abigail Williams are both motivated my their own personal desires and dislikes. Both of them go about the film similarly, making threats towards the other characters. We hear Juror 3 tell Juror 8 he will kill him in a fit of rage, without any real intention behind his words. This is meant to intimate Juror 8 however only succeeds in making Juror 3 look foolish. Whilst Juror 3 's threats are empty, Abigail 's are not. Abigail threats are more consequential. If the girls were to turn on her, Abigail tells them that 'she would come to them in the dark of night ' and 'make them wish they had never seen the sun go down '. This delineates how intense Abigail 's lust for John is and how far Abigail will go
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