Similarities Between Achilles And Beowulf

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Alissa Watson
Sophia Desilva
English 12
30 September 2015
Beowulf vs. Achilles All throughout history epic heroes were made. Beowulf, written in 1,000 A.D., by unknown portrays a hero of glory. In 1,200 B.C., Homer wrote The Iliad, which portrays a hero of determination. These heroes have many differences but it is their similarities that tie them together. Beowulf was a strong hero based on glory. “Beowulf celebrates warrior culture and deeds requiring great strength and courage” (page 36). Defeating Grendel, the monster terrorizing the Danes, took great strength and courage. He was a huge monster who killed many; however, Beowulf was not afraid. He didn’t even use a weapon, yet easily destroyed Grendel and more. That shows a great deal

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