Similarities Between Aeneas And Odysseus

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It has been heard the tales of Aeneas, Gilgamesh and Odysseus, all great heroes of their day, all great leaders of their people, but just how well off would someone be if under their watch? Odysseus, in his pride, has been gifted a curse upon himself so that his journey home seemed endless and would leave no man standing when he return to Ithaca, something unwanted of from a leader, but Odysseus tries at every encounter to safeguard his men. In the many times of hardship that Odysseus faces he does show concern for his men, he drags those whom have eaten the lotus fruit that would refuse to return home. When Odysseus finds himself in the cyclops Polyphemus’ cave he is quick to offer gifts to comfort the giant while his men show intentions…show more content…
Chosen by the gods to have good fortune in his quest to found Rome, Aeneas faces many of the same challenges as Odysseus when he was blown off course. Aeneas is unlike Gilgamesh in how he is level headed and a well capable leader from the start, at the same time Aeneas demonstrates his abilities by tearing through the soldiers that stood between him and Turnus. Aeneas also shares Odysseus’ quality of wisdom, but unlike the cursed man Aeneas foresees the dangers on his travels and is able to circumnavigate the obstacles and protect his men. While both Odysseus and Gilgamesh are rather partial to establishing dominance Aeneas operates with the intention of making allies. After arriving in Italy Aeneas’ priority is to establish friendly relationships with the Italians, whom in turn respond similarly thereby preventing conflicts only until the intervention of the goddess Juno that would eventually lead to war with Turnus and his men. In the end it’s the nature of Aeneas’ goals that makes him care for his people, the chance of building a great and mighty kingdom under Aeneas would be a great

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