Similarities Between Alexander The Great And Charlemagne

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Alexander of Macedon and Charlemagne of the Franks have been tagged as “the Great.” Alexander the Great during the fourth century transformed Greece from Hellenic to Hellenistic era. He was nicknamed as ‘the Great’ because of his conquests that made his empire become the largest in the ancient world. His empire was spread throughout Greece, Persia, and Egypt. Centuries later, a man named Charles the Great ruled France for 40 years. Charlemagne gave Carolingians a cultural reform by bringing unity in Western Empire. He brought stability in Europe and united France that made him the “Patron of Rome, Guardian of Roman church, and defender of the faith.” Both Alexander the Great and Charlemagne brought change to their country and honor to their countrymen. But it was the demonstration of their military superiority and skillful tactics and strategies that one of them truly deserve the title of “the Great.”
Alexander’s leadership skills became apparent when he defeated the Maedi when he was only sixteen. Two years later, he was given a commanding post in the Macedonian army. After the assassination of King Philip, Alexander’s father, the election to the next ruler of Roman
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This meant that he saw them as an asset to the kingdom whether they were in the military or ordinary citizens. Alexander used his people but not the way Charlemagne did. Charlemagne squeezed out details from anyone who might have a valuable information that he can use for military purposes. His advanced planning and calculation had prevented rebellions domestically and helped him conquered foreign lands. Charlemagne’s military conquest had outlived Alexander and even pass his succession that Alexander did not do. Although Charles the Great grandchildren’s could not hold the Empire, it was at least seen and experienced by other

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