Similarities Between American Graffiti And Superbad

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Both these films, even though made in very different times, have many similarities with the themes they both touch on. One theme that is portrayed in both American Graffiti and Superbad is maturation and the loss of innocence. Characters in both films deal with virginity loss. In American Graffiti, Terry starts off as a nerdy and awkward boy and goes on a journey to find his manhood. After much difficulty to get a girl, he ends up with a beautiful one who he loses his virginity too. Additionally, in Superbad, all three boys main goal is to lose their virginities. Evan and Seth both fail at their intent to have sex but Sam succeeds and has sex with a pretty girl. His character’s loss of innocence is very similar to Terry, he begins the film as a nerd and ends up as a character with more confidence. Another aspect of maturation/loss of innocence in the films is the characters and they're dealing with alcohol. In American Graffiti, Terry gets drunk for the first…show more content…
It is the character’s fear of failure and to disappoint those around him fighting with their own wants and goals. In American Graffiti, Curt doesn’t feel ready to go to college but feels the pressure from his outside world. His parents, Steve and other adults in the town encourage and want him to make this next step in his life. Steve also faces a dilemma of choice. After Laurie gets in the car race accident, she begs him to stay and he agrees, ultimately making the decision to not move away to college, a decision that he was very certain about. In Superbad, Seth desperately wanted to get into Dartmouth so he could stay with Evan but did not get accepted. Therefore, Evan feels pressure and uneasiness about leaving when he knows that Seth is upset. Their individual needs and desires overlap as they both are afraid of leaving each other and making new

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