Similarities Between Animal Farm And Animal Farm

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Many revolutions have similar characteristics whether they are non fiction or fictional. This is shown in the Korean War and in Animal Farm. Even though the revolution in Animal Farm is Fictional a lot of the characteristics to the Korean War or Korean Revolution are alike. Throughout the course of the Korean War, North Korea’s leader Kim Il-Sung, had similar characteristics to Animal Farm’s Napoleon, such as they were both dictators. During the Cold War on September 9, 1948, Kim Il-Sung declared himself Prime Minister. He abused the power of Prime Minister to later become North Korea’s dictator. In Animal Farm Napoleon also abused his power to later become a dictator. This is demonstrated when Napoleon got rid of Snowball and then declared…show more content…
In North Korea everything is controlled by the government. There is no freedom of speech and if someone opposes Kim Il-Sung, they would be executed. Similarly in Animal Farm, any animal that spoke against Napoleon would be called a traitor and then the animal would be executed. In North Korea there were also given the illusion of freedom but they didn’t really have it because they could pick their own president even though there was only one person running. This is similar to Animal Farm because after Napoleon kicked Snowball out of the farm, he declared himself the leader of Animal Farm with no opposition. Another similarity between Animal Farm and North Korea is that in North Korea, there were laws that didn’t affect Kim Il-Sung and his higher-ups. But if a common citizen broke these laws they would be punished. This is similar to Animal Farm because they would constantly change the seven commandments so that they could do whatever they want. An example would be how they changed ‘No Animal Shall Drink Alcohol” to “No Animal Shall Drink Alcohol in Excess”. Therefore, there were a lot of freedom limitation in Animal Farm and in North
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