Similarities Between Animal Farm And Russian Revolution

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Russian Revolution Essay Have you ever wondered how a book about innocent animals taking over a farm, related to one of the biggest events in history, the Russian Revolution? Well according to George Orwell (the writer of "Animal Farm") he wrote the book to reflect the events that lead up to the Russian Revolution of 1917, and into the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union. In my opinion I think the book did a very good job at describing some of the key points of the Revolution, for instance the collapse of Nicholas II, and the creation of communism. However I also do think the book did have some differences that didn’t quite relate to the Revolution, such as the book being mostly about animals and the other being they live on a farm. There are many more similarities I could…show more content…
To everyone he was a poor leader compared to other Monarchs, he was cruel, sometimes brutal with opponents, however he was sometimes kind, he would hire students as spies to make cash. The way he relates to Animal Farm is he acts like Mr. Jones in almost the same way. Their both irresponsible, cruel, and can sometimes be kind. Another relation I would like to make between the Revolution and the book is the creation of Communism and Animalism (Animalism 7 commandments: Ch 2 page 15 ). They both want no owners, no rich, and no poor, all people to be equal, and everyone to own everything, not just one person. Although there are similarities between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution, there are also differences. Not very many but there are a couple. The differences that I found are, one is regarding to animals taking over the farm, and getting rid of the farmer, and the other is about Russian Bolsheviks trying to make Russia a communist state. Even though these are obvious differences, they are actually the only differences that I can see after reading Animal

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