Similarities Between Animal Farm And The Truman Show

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The texts Animal Farm by George Orwell and The Truman Show directed by Peter Weir, explore three main themes, power, utopia and the good life. Animal Farm is a novel about a farm where all the animals want to rebel against the humans and one pig tries to take control of the rebellion but ends up being just as bad and just as powerful as the humans, the whole book is a metaphor for communist Russia. The Truman Show is a film about a man who has lived his whole life inside a dome created by Christoff, the director of The Truman Show, while the whole world watches. Both Animal Farm and The Truman Show explore the theme of power through a central figure. Napoleon (the main pig in charge) from Animal Farm, started off trying to lead all the other animals away from the ways of the humans but ended up being in control and having power over the other animals in a selfish way. Napoleon would set the attack dogs that he had trained on anyone who threatened his position as leader. Whereas, in The Truman Show, Christoff is powerful because he thinks what he’s doing is good and he’s convinced everyone else that it’s good. The Truman Show proves that you can’t have power on your own because if Christoff…show more content…
In Animal Farm, Old Major has a vision of Utopia where the farm has no farmers, there is enough food for everyone and all the animals are equal. Orwell shows that this Utopia or any other Utopia doesn’t exist by writing about how Napoleon rose to power after all the animals thought things were perfect. In The Truman Show, Christoff thinks that Utopia is a perfect society where everyone is happy and nothing bad ever happens, but Weir suggests that everyone needs the real world and the truth. These texts are different in the way of Utopia because in Animal farm suggests that a Utopia doesn’t exist but The Truman Show suggests that while there may not be a Utopia everyone still needs the real
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