Similarities Between Anna Karenina And Hester Prynne

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Abstract Russian author Leo Tolstoy and American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne are both recognized for their popular books Anna Karenina and The Scarlet Letter respectively, where both novels main characters are represented as adulteresses. Anna Karenina and Hester Prynne embody women of affairs, both of who express their guilt and opinions of their crime in different ways. 3 sub questions: In society how are the adulteresses viewed? Similarly what attitudes does the people around them portray? How are the children of the adultery treated? Word Count: Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter are two of the most known novels when it comes to the concept of women of adultery. Both Hawthorne and Tolstoy portray their adulteresses, Hester Prynne and Anna Karenina respectively, in such a manner that allows the reader to not only understand the reasoning behind the adultery, but also see how…show more content…
Petersburg. She is first shown as the caring mediator to her brother, Prince Stephen ‘Stiva’ Oblonsky, and sister-in-law, Princess Darya ‘Dolly’, during their fight due to Stiva’s affair with their governess. Before arriving at the Oblonsky residence Anna is introduced to Count Alexis Vronsky, and Vronsky is immediately drawn to her. Though after their first meeting a train worker is killed in an accident, which leads Anna to see this a bad omen that she later connects to meeting Vronsky. Soon after this Vronsky and Anna meet again at a ball, where Anna dances him and eventually discovers her attraction towards him, and him to her. This causes Anna to return to her husband and son Sergei in St. Petersburg, in order to avoid her feelings for Vronsky. This is not the case, as Vronsky follows Anna back to St. Petersburg, and soon after their affair
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