Similarities Between Antigone And Othello

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Tragedy being a notable theme in both Antigone written by Sophocles and Othello written by Shakespeare, within the play the actions of the main character being Antigone and Othello lead to their own undoing. Antigone’s defiance toward the law Creon had set with the burial of her brother led to her committing suicide because of the punishment he had set for her. As for Othello, he was influenced by Iago to kill his wife Desdemona which then also resulted in him committing suicide. Antigone and Othello both were victims of the control from King Creon and Iago based on lust and satire. Irony played a big role in both plays in which it defined the dispute between Othello and Antigone against Iago and King Creon. The similar theme came up in both

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