Difference Between Architecture And Architecture

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Architecture is considered to be a ‘process of planning, designing and constructing buildings’. It is often perceived as cultural symbols e.g. churches and cathedrals, or works of art. On the other hand a ‘designer creates designs that are attractive, functional and uniquely suited to the human needs’. In some ways the two are very similar and there are many parallels between the two art forms , for example, both have a purpose of creating shelter, warmth and protection in order for our survival, they are also both forms of art that ‘create space and volume out of two dimensional materials’. However, the differences between the two include there ranges in size and scale. Architecture and buildings are normally vast and big and are set in stone, therefor cannot be altered or moved in the…show more content…
In some ways a building can alter their interior aesthetics like a ‘new outfit’, but they do not change according to new trends like fashion garments do and are not as disposable. Geometry is an example of one of the parallels between fashion and architecture. It can be used in both disciplines, through uses of shapes such as circles, square and twists which can be used to form more complex shapes. In architecture geometry in the form of complex shapes can be used to form the exterior form or structure of the building. Designers can use geometry to transform the shape of garments making them visually interesting, complex or alter the way a garment could interact with the body and the way it moves dynamically, drapes or looks on the body. The Möbius strip is a type geometric shape which

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