Similarities Between Armenian Genocide And Holocaust

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The Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust The first official language of the Armenian people was Christianity. Everything remained peaceful until the Muslim Ottoman Empire took over during the 15th century. The bad blood between the Armenians and The Turks continued to grow, this later causing the Armenian Genocide that began in 1915. During this time the Armenians were treated unfair and unequal. The Armenian Christians had to pay higher taxes and had few legal rights(“Armenian Genocide”). Just like the Armenian Genocide, the Jewish holocaust began in the early 1900’s. Unlike Armenia, Germany was not taken over. Hitler was given power by the people of Germany. The Jews were treated terribly just like the Armenians. They had no rights,were deported, and were sent to concentration camps (Wiesel,pg.30). Although the Jewish Holocaust and the Armenian genocide share many similarities there are some differences. During the Ottoman rule the Armenians prospered and were usually more wealthier than the Turkish people.Sultan Abdul Hamid the 2nd became enraged when the Armenians started…show more content…
Turkish military leaders started to accuse the Armenians of traitorism because they knew they would fight for their freedom. In order to gain their independence the Armenians began to help Russia against the Turks. The alliance between the Armenians and the Russians led the Turks to remove the Armenians from the Eastern front(“Armenian Genocide”). Just like the Armenian Genocide, the Jewish holocaust took place during WW1. As a matter of fact Hitler once stated “kill without mercy men, women and children of the Polish race or language. Only in this way will we get the living space we need. Who after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”(“Genocide Armenia”). Here Hitler compares the holocaust to the Armenian Genocide, basically stating that no one remembers what happened to the Armenians, so they will not remember the
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