Hitler's Influence On Art

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Register to read the introduction…Hitler’s leadership threatened family, jobs and existence of possible rebels to its ideals. The artist was to glorify Hitler 's racist ideals, German citizens and soldiers. As a racially pure state, Hitler used the art to overcome class differences and mould all people in the country into one ideal that was his. The artists depicted Hitler, in their artwork, as the healing leader that would cure all the problems of the country. In the effort of purifying the nation, Hitler’s regime promoted Aryan culture and suppressed other forms of…show more content…
Hitler used the idea of artworks to control the Germans and manipulate them to love the regime and believe in it at all costs. Hitler wanted was to manipulate the people in the name of struggling to defend the survival of the state and lead them into World War 2. Hitler 's regime spent a lot of tax payer 's money to recruit and train soldiers. The artists’ artworks encouraged and boosted the morale of soldiers in order to believe and love Hitler’s regime and its ideals. Through the use of art, Hitler promoted the view that the primary creative impulse was more of political than artistic . The work of art can be a very powerful weapon in influencing and changing what people believe in and love. People enjoy various forms of art and, therefore, artists have the power to manipulate the beliefs and the desires of people visually. Most politicians before the 21st century such as Hitler used art to gain the support of people as well as to control their beliefs. Art can also change the morals of people positively or negatively depending on the message the artists are trying to convey. Some artworks are provocative and offensive, while others are religious or
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