Similarities Between Athens And Sparta

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Athens and Sparta were city-states of great dominance and success during ancient Greece times. The Athenians

controlled the southeast area of the Attic Peninsula, and farmed the surrounding dry rocky soil that developed from the

rough terrain and the low number of rivers. This small piece of land could only support a small population and was

surrounded by mountains, cutting off most of the interaction between the city states of Greece. The isolation caused a

fierce independence to grow; it was based on their own beliefs and government system rather than a united empire

with one unified religion and government. The rough terrain separated the city-states and from this the city-state Sparta

created their own independence different from Athens. The Spartans inhabited control over the Peloponnesus. Spartan
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Modern historians

debate whether Athens or Sparta was a preferable place to live in during ancient times. Life in ancient Athens would

have been considerably better than in Sparta for several reasons. Athenians had a well developed government,
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