Similarities Between Atticus Finch And Walter Cunningham Rr.

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Parents are responsible for their children’s upbringing. In the story “To Kill A Mockingbird” Atticus Finch, Bob Ewell, and Walter Cunningham Sr. are all different when it comes to what they value as a person. Each of them demonstrate their values through their actions and their teachings. Atticus is a loving, respectable father. Bob tends to neglects his children’s needs. Walter Sr. demonstrates what hard work is for his children. They all raise their their children differently.
Atticus Finch is the type of father who is loving, caring, and an honorable man. He is Jems and Scouts father and he takes an active part in his children's upbringing. His kids have a lot of respect for him and listen to everything he says. Atticus is the father who has dinner with his kids every night and he reads to them. Atticus is such an honest man and he teaches his children to be honest and take reasonability for their actions. He disciplines his children without striking them. Jem has a incident with the old lady down the street. She mocks Atticus by calling him a good for
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is a poor man who works on his own farm. Even though, his is poor he has values, dignity, a hard working man, and is an honorable man. He knows that he is poor and has no money, but he instead trades some of his goods for service. Through the town folks eyes, the Cunningham’s are a step less than the rest, but one step above the Ewell’s family. Through Walter jr. the reader can understand what kind of man Walter Sr. is. Walter Jr. was having lunch with the Finches family, and Scout noticed his majority and that he is well behaved. Walter Sr. is such an honorable man that him and mob get together to lynch Tom Robinson, to protect Mayalla’s honor. Scout stops the mob and directly talks to Walter Cunningham about how polite his son is. At that point moment he realizes he doesn't want his family or anyone else to get. Over all, as a parent he teaches his children to be polite and well

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