Similarities Between Aztec Religion And Ancient Egyptian Religion

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The principal beliefs and practises of religions influence the society in which they exist and provide answers to a search for a meaning. This is demonstrated in the principal beliefs, supernatural powers and deities and rituals of different religions of ancient origin. This essay will discuss the above points in reference to the Aztec and Ancient Egyptian religions and conclude that religions influence society and provide answers to a search meaning for their lives.
This is demonstrated through the origins of the universe in the Aztec religion. In the Aztec religion there are many different myths of creation. One of the creation stories explain that at the beginning there were two gods, Quetzalcoatl (known as the light one) and Tezcatlipoca
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But at night she could be heard crying because she could not give nourishments to the earth. “Humans hearts were required to nourish her so that she could give food to the earth”. This part in the previous quote shows strong link to the Aztec society. It is influencing the society by explaining the importance of the sacrificing to please the gods and to have a good life. The meaning of the Aztecs life was to nourish the gods with the sacrificed humans in order to get a good harvest. This ensured the continued balance and wealth of Aztec society. Another creation story of the Aztec religion is that at the beginning there was nothing but darkness. There was one god called Ometeotl, the great god. Then four gods were born and they were responsible for the creation of the world. There were a lot of wars between the gods. It was a time of confusion, when floods covered the land and many people drowned. The ones who survived were turned into fish. The entire earth was covered with water. The world dried up after the two gods Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca stopped fighting. Quetzalcoatl retrieved the bones of…show more content…
This can be seen through the Supernatural Powers and deities of the Aztec religion. In the Aztec religion there were many deities, the majority of them were anthropomorphic in form. It is believed that there were many different representations of the same god. Each deity had a role in the Aztec religion. An example for the Aztecs deities is the god Talco, he is the rain god. He brought both nourishing and destructive rain. He had four huge jars from which he poured rain, disease, frost and drought. Each year young children were sacrificed to him, their tears being seen as particularly auspicious. People whose death was the result of drowning or lightning strikes were taken to his home on one of the thirteen celestial planes in the sky. Another example, is the HUEHUETEOTEL god, he was the god of fire and life-giving warmth. He was also important to the householder. There were two main aspects to the Aztec life cycle. When at home most lived a settled farming existence, planning crops and grazing animals, performing rituals to make their cops grow and ensure their animals thrived. It was believed that the god could ensure a plentiful harvest. However, the Aztecs were also a warring people, seeking victims to sacrifice to their blood-hungry gods and make them happy. These Supernatural powers influenced the society by providing them a

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