Similarities Between Bartleby And Etheridge Knight's Prison Of Capitalism

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Common Similarities between Bartleby’s and Etheridge Knight’s Prison of capitalism Bartleby and Etheridge both symbolize a challenge to capitalist ideology. They determination is not to surrender themselves to capitalism. Still, they are unable to move out of their private world and make public characteristics of themselves. They are two symbols of contemporary American capitalist society and the failure it to preserve the individual’s right and freedom to choose. Their stories are about the failure of modern social existence. also the story of the effects of living in a society operating at a high level of production and consumption. In their lives, there are two kinds of the wall: the physical boundaries prison, and the psychological walls which institute in order to defend themselves from requests to change. They represent all the victims of greedy capitalism, demanding, mechanical…show more content…
Both living in a wrong space of prison which subjects is not simply being free but being free of the invisible limits of their existence and poverty. In their case, imprisonment is not a status to be desired. Capitalism is equal the prison where one is locked in between the four walls. Both of them risk their lives and struggle for awakening society from the limits of capitalism. They are deeply involved in issues of industrial capitalism, the evils of slavery, the power, and the class division. Both are innocent, nevertheless sent to prisons among thieves and murderous and their existence is denied so many times. They are promoting capitalistic self-interest. Their individuality prevents them from uniting effectively with others, they are conscious of the societies class, although the competitive nature of the capitalistic world is such that competition is reduced to the individual

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