Similarities Between Bartleby And Myers

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When I first read hands I instantly remembered Bartleby the scrivener. I felt like there are a lot of similarities between Bartleby and Adolph Myers. They both experienced something in their life that lead to the current state they were in. They both were in a way or another responsible for the loneliness and the isolation they were feeling. In Bartleby’s case, he allowed himself to get too emotional to the point that he harmed himself. Similarly, wing did that too. He let his fear stand in the way. Although in his case people were to blame for the most part because they were the ones who took his innocence and his dream away based on false accusations. But still, he stood helplessly and didn’t resist and that was predictable and unpredictable from him at the same time. It was predictable…show more content…
He could have started all over again or at least tried to. Moreover, it’s important to note that the way Sherwood Anderson wrote the story and his use of certain words made us sympathize with Adolph and refuse the false accusations made against him. For example when he said that “... and the touching of the hair were part of the schoolmaster’s effort to carry a dream into the young minds/ Although he still hungered for the presence of the boy, who was the medium through which he expressed his love of man(Anderson). These lines prove to us that there was nothing sexual about his touch to the boys, and that the love he had was a pure innocent love to all human beings. In fact, the whole story is about showing us how societies and people can be cruel. That’s why Anderson was considered as being daringly frank and honest. In a nutshell and taking in consideration that at his time talking about homosexuality or even implying to it was an act of bravery without any
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