Similarities Between Beowulf And Grendel

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Exile was prevalent in both the story and the movie of Beowulf. Per the movie, Grendel and the Dragon where exile. According to the movie Grendel and the Dragon shared the same mother, but both did not had a father or a father figured in his life. Sadly as they matured, they were shelter from society, and people sought them to be a beast. However, depending how you look at the situation it could be biblically or biologically.
Grendel in the film seemed to be alone and angry about ot. When hearing the loud noises from the mead hall he got frustrated and attack heorot that night. However, when Grendel was destroying, and killing or harming a lot of people, beside one person. Hrothgar tries to fight Grendel in the film, but Grendel would not attack him. There
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There is several scene throughout the movie of this. One particular scene of Grendel expressing this trait was during Beowulf and Grendel's fight. The clashing beast were fighting until Beowulf outclassed his opponent Grendel, as Grendel realise the situation he tried to escaped. During his escaped Beowulf got him pinned in the door. Grendel monster personality and attitude subsided into being a innocent kid. This is illustrated by Grendel's cries for mercy, just as if a big brother was bullying. This shows Grendel being weak and scared, which monster should not possessed. This could be seen when Beowulf said “Your bloodletting days are finished, demon.” and in response Grendel says to beowulf “I am not a demon.”(Robert Zemeckis).Another example of Grendel weakness and him being a kid is when he passes in the cave with his mom. Grendel body wither away to a smaller kids size body, as his mom comfort him. During this they had a conversation about how it happen and Grendel said “Mother. They hurt me, Mother.”, which shows relationship with his mom and how he depends on her. Without her he is left without no one, and shows that he is truly
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