Similarities Between Beowulf And Katniss

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An epic hero is an essential character in a story that shows qualities of being brave and noble, and whose achievements are greatly admired. In The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen, the hero, displays much courage as well as skills. The story depicts Katniss as a symbol of hope in an otherwise cruel, dehumanizing, and corrupt regime. Another prominent figure in the epic world is Beowulf, a warrior who sacrifices himself for the good of others. The two heroes have both similar and different characteristics. The relative similarities that exist between these two heroes allow either narrative to have relevance to human need of hope and leadership integrity. Nonetheless, both narratives possess distinctive differences, in which the heroes possess different traits such as strength. They both display a number of characteristics that make them heroes. As The Hunger Games stated, "Courage is the spirit of the games”. Thus, Beowulf and Katniss represent and possess qualities of epic heroes.
An epic includes a hero, journey, setting, supernatural being, and an epic language. Each of the epic heroes possess the characteristics required of an epic hero and archetype, a hero with valuable qualities, such as loyalty, bravery, nobility, courage, and humility. Katniss and Beowulf find themselves bound in a
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In addition, they perform duties in a way that inspires and passes on for generations. In comparison between Beowulf and Katniss, Beowulf emerges as a more effective hero since he possesses more qualities of an epic hero than Katniss. Even though both characters have similar traits, Beowulf displays more epic traits than Katniss. Also, Beowulf is written in an epic language and the hero battles many supernatural beings, unlike Katniss. However, Katniss and Beowulf are both important epic heroes in their own narratives and have similar traits and distinctive
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