Similarities Between Beowulf And King Arthur

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The two works used in this essay are the story of Beowulf, by Seamus Heaney, and the movie of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, directed by Guy Ritchie. Some things that appear in the King Arthur movie are included due to Hollywood effects that are not mentioned in the real story of King Arthur. Other than that, most of the information in the movie contains the same information as the mythical story. The two heros in both works play major roles in the storyline and have a huge effect on many different things that happen throughout the plot. Two major things that these two are remember for are their heroic acts and that they were both kings. Beowulf ruled the Geatland for about 50 years and King Arthur ruled the kingdom of Camelot. Despite bearing some minor differences, the similarities between Beowulf and King Arthur are remarkable. The quest of each work is probably the most important part to each story. Without a quest each hero would not have a story to tell. Both Beowulf and King Arthur fought off monsters, witches, mages, dragons, and other creatures to defend their kingdoms. Something that was different between the two was that Beowulf would help other kingdoms and fight off monsters to gain peace and respect. An example of this is when he went to help Hrothgar and the Half-Danes fight of Grendel and his mother. On the other hand, King Arthur would group up his famous Knights and attack other kingdoms to gain more power. They both would destroy monster and overcome
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