Similarities Between Beowulf And Sir Gawain

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• Write a succinct summary of Part III of Sir Gawain (pp. 209-227). Then, consider – what is the function of Part III to the overall narrative of Sir Gawain? As you answer, think about the thematic elements of Part III and how they’re mirrored in what comes before and after.
Gawain spends the Christmas season at a castle. His host treats him well and insists he stay as long as possible. While there the wife of his host attempts to seduce him. “We are left alone, with my husband and his huntsmen away in the hills and the servants snoring and my maids asleep and the door to the bedroom barred with a bolt.” (Sir Gawain 212) Gawain rejects her advances but manages not to offend her by agreeing to kiss her. Gawain leaves the castle and continues his journey to the green knight. When Gawain arrives to receive his strike from the
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Identify – in what ways are the two stories similar? In what ways do they differ? Explain, with examples.
In both stories, our heroes have to go on quests. Beowulf must voyage past his homeland to fight Grendel. Gawain must leave Camelot to face the Green Knight. Beowulf never falters in his journey he remains the same from the start till his death. Gawain makes mistakes and grows from them on his journey. He keeps the girdle as a symbol of his sin showing that he learned from the experience. “So when praise for my prowess in arms swell my pride, one look at this love-lace will lessen my ador.” (Sir Gawain 236)

• Did you enjoy Sir Gawain and the Green Knight? If so, what did you enjoy about it? Be specific. If you didn’t enjoy it, why do you suppose that is? Again, be specific. Then, speculate – is this story more or less English than Beowulf?
I enjoyed it. The ending was surprising I liked that it wasn’t as predictable as Lanval. I think the story is more English because the characters are English, the story takes place in England. Arthurian romance is about as English as literature can
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