Compare And Contrast Blade Runner And Minority Report

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Both movies share a lot of similarities, probably due to the fact that the books they are based on are both written by Philip K. Dick. In Blade Runner we see a society in which corporations have overtaken the world and technology is so advanced that the corporations have even started creating humanoid robots, replicants, which are disposable servants to their interests. In the course of the movie, however, we start to doubt this practice and how right it is to engineer an artificial intelligence for capitalistic purposes. Blade Runner aims to show the implications of trying to “play God” with technology, ultimately showing that it is not right to do so. Similarly, Minority Report also shows a world heavily dependent on machines and that technology, as helpful as it can be, can also be manipulated, misused and misunderstood when open to interpretation. In terms of the movie, however, technology is a tool and the big problem in Minority Report are the results of the increased and oppressive control the government has over the lives of people through technology. While neither movie is directly leftist, both show the ugly effects of capitalism in various degrees. ANSWER 3) Blade Runner tells the story of man who is hired to “retire” four replicants which have gone rogue. He uses a…show more content…
Thus, the Director’s Cut ending in which Deckard and Rachel leave the apartment during the day signifies the ending of the characters’ confusion and personal doubts. In Minority Report we see Spielberg’s famous “watering down” of colors, which adds a different feeling of the film noir notion – that the future might not be as evil and scary as we might

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