Similarities Between Bless Me Ulltima And Life Of Pi

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His Story Too often, oral tradition and the influence of storytelling is lost among generations. Yet the quality of a story continues to have the potential to fundamentally alter our perception of the world and our moral ideals. Yann Martel and Rudolfo Anaya are just some of the many powerful literary figures that are known to effortlessly revive and remind those willing that a good story is only as good as it is told. For the main protagonist of Life of Pi written by Yann Martel and Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me Ultima, the stories and events that took place within these characters lives catastrophically redefined their faith and the type of person they intended to become. Bless Me Ultima and Life of Pi are eloquent examples of novels with evident differences but similar foundational concepts. Religion and curiosity are two prominent traits that drive Antonio and Piscine’s motivation allowing the reader to see the individuality within them. The two protagonists are born into the primary race and religion of their community and by a young age it is evident that they have the ability to connect to their culture and faith more than other kids their age. As they continue to mature their curiosity propels them to constantly seek answers to difficult questions leading them to unintentionally explore various facets of their faiths. As Antonio is turning seven, a series of traumatic events drives him to question everything from whether or not "If God is really smart as the bible says,

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