Similarities Between Boo Radley And To Kill A Mockingbird

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In Harper Lee's coming of age book To Kill a Mockingbird unfair judgements affected characters coming from different upbringings. And although Boo Radley, and Tom Robinson came from different backgrounds they both had similar experiences regarding prejudice. To begin, both Boo and Tom have had trouble with the law through different incidents. For example, as a white child with a high socioeconomic status he was arrested for harassing a beadle when he was in a gang. He was arrested, and was going to be sent to an institution with the rest of the offenders, but as a foot washing baptist his father had no mercy decided to keep him locked up in the jail. Likewise, Tom Robinson was arrested after he was attacked in a bar by another black man. However, in Tom's case he was a black man…show more content…
Gilmer's cross examination. Furthermore, Tom and Boo are both feared by the citizens of Maycomb county. To be more specific, even though he is white, and comes from a respected family which means he should be respected, and not feared. Due to his arrest as a child, and his father's strict rules he has been kept inside, which has caused him to become the victim of many rumours, and stories that cause him to seem fictitious and frightening to Maycomb county. Similarly, most of Maycomb's white population is afraid of Tom Robinson. Though he is an honest, hardworking man he is black, and a white woman claimed he raped her. In this time period a white person's word was always taken over a black person's word and though he had not been convicted yet he was still feared. Finally, both Boo and Tom were accused of deeds they had not done. For instance, Boo Radley has had many rumour spread about him even though he comes from a family of fine folks. Though the Radley’s socioeconomic status, Boo was still disrespected, and was the and was the prey of many gossips such as Miss
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